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About Stuart Betts - traditional hand painted signage

I’ve had over 25 years experience in the sign trade, and my work is recognised locally and in the South East. I believe the reason for my success is my passion for producing signs in the traditional hand written way, as they have their own original identity, making them stand out from computer generated lettering. I create my designs to characterise each individual business, and if necessary produce a hand painted sketch to illustrate a traditional look.

In 1972, I undertook a 5 year apprenticeship as a Commercial Artist, where I had the honour of being taught by the masters of the trade. During this period I undertook training in design, signwritingposter writing and silkscreen printing, as well as attending The London College of Print & Design. Upon finishing my apprenticeship, I then spent six years working for other companies perfecting my craft, before starting up on my own in 1983.